Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and Industry has become a legal entity as a result of the Chamber Elections made on 05.12.1994 with the initiatives of 350 businessmen, industrialists and merchants making business in our district in order to satisfy the common needs of the members, facilitate the professional activities, develop the business in conformity with the general interests and make trust and confidence dominant in the relationships between the members and public. Its foundation is based on the Turkish Union of Exchange Commodities and Chambers (TOBB) Code No 5174 with the aims of protecting professional discipline and ethics and fulfilling the services written in this law. Our Chamber is maintaining its activities in accordance with these purposes of foundation since foundation date.


Our chamber is continuing to fulfill the services related with the members including self-employed social security procedures, apprenticeship and Technical Professional Training Programs. These services include the approval of documents issued for visa applications or free circulation documents used by exporting companies like certificate of origin, ATR required in customs and transport transactions, expertise reports, capacity reports, registry, licensing and numbering of work machines and issuing of documents specified in Turkish Union of Exchange Commodities and Chambers Code no 5174 etc. read more