The documents prepared or approved, and services rendered by our chamber based on TOBB Law no 5174 are as follows:
a)   Certification of invoice copies.
b)   Approval of market prices.
c)   Approval of the qualities of the samples of commercial and industrial goods.
d)   Expert reports and capacity reports.
e)   Approvals and annotations showing the registry record of signatories written in affirmative covenants and sureties.
f)    Documents concerning commercial and industrial issues.
g)   Certification of commercial surety.
h)  Documents for allocation and expenditures.
ı)    Quality, appropriateness and sample documents.
j)    Domestic good documents.
k)   Approval of signature specimen of the registered members.
l)    Member identities, records and registry transcripts for the members of chamber.
m)  Responding to oral or written questions with regard to the non-confidential information concerning the registry records of its members, provided that they are not in the nature of trade reference certificate.
n)  Registration certificate issued for the heavy construction equipment as per article 22 of Law No. 2918 on Highway Traffic.
o)   TIR carnets, ATA, A.TR and EUR.1 free movement documents, certificate of origin, and EAN -UCC line code transactions, statements on goods and services in international commerce, and other statements or similar documents.
p)   Force majeure documents.
r)    Copies of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.
s)   General and international sectoral services provided to vessels under Turkish or foreign flag.
t)    Trade registry services.

u)  All kind of documents, information and services having commercial and industrial nature.