Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and Industry has become a legal entity as a result of the Chamber Elections made on 05.12.1994 with the initiatives of 350 businessmen, industrialists and merchants making business in our district in order to satisfy the common needs of the members, facilitate the professional activities, develop the business in conformity with the general interests and make trust and confidence dominant in the relationships between the members and public. Its foundation is based on the Turkish Union of Exchange Commodities and Chambers (TOBB) Code No 5174 with the aims of protecting professional discipline and ethics and fulfilling the services written in this law. Our Chamber is maintaining its activities in accordance with these purposes of foundation since foundation date.


Our chamber is continuing to fulfill the services related with the members including self-employed social security procedures, apprenticeship and Technical Professional Training Programs. These services include the approval of documents issued for visa applications or free circulation documents used by exporting companies like certificate of origin, ATR required in customs and transport transactions, expertise reports, capacity reports, registry, licensing and numbering of work machines and issuing of documents specified in Turkish Union of Exchange Commodities and Chambers Code no 5174 etc.


In addition to this, the demands of different public departments and authorities for market price or estimated value are determined by the experts assigned by the executive board of the chambers and the results are submitted to the demanding departments.


Besides, information demands about the subjects related to activities of our members are taken into consideration and researched by receiving comments from the concerned authorities thus a consultancy service is provided for the members as well.


Through the Trade Registry Service within our chamber; the registries belonging to the newly founded legal or natural entities like unlimited, incorporated and limited companies and cooperatives are made by our abovementioned service and the legal procedures of these entities as well as general board registries, executive board registries, registries of signatories, transfer of shares, capital increases, main contract amendments, commercial entity pledge registries are made by the abovementioned service.


Please find the tables including the distribution of our members according to foundation types and professional groups about our chamber which was founded after elections completed on 05.12.1994 and its works, procedures and more detailed information on the other pages.




Our chamber has the authority to buy, sell, build, allot, incorporate and pledge all movable and real estate and commodities, barrow sums, making expropriation, support and encourage social events, making donations, build schools and classrooms, giving scholarships, establish companies and associations under the provisions of this law or become partners to existing companies and fulfill similar legal procedures.

The legal representative of our chamber is the chairman of the executive board.

The joint signatures of the Chairman of Executive Board and at least one member of the board or the Secretary General may only bind the chamber.






a)  To protect and develop professional ethics, discipline and solidarity, to work for the progression of the commerce and industry in conformity with public interest. 

b)  To compile the information and news regarding commerce and industry and  to give them to persons concerned, to provide information that is requested by official authorities in accordance with relevant laws and especially to provide any kind of information that may be needed by the members during the performance of their work upon their request or to make it easy for their members to acquire such information, to take initiatives to lead their members with regard to electronic commerce and internet network, and to establish and put into operation the required infrastructure for these activities. 

c)  To make all kinds of researches with regard to commerce and industry, to keep records of indexes and statistics concerning economical, commercial and industrial activities, to follow and record the market prices of main products and distribute them with proper instruments.  

d)  To issue and approve the documents set out in article 26.

e)  To make offers, requests and applications to official authorities with regard to their professional activities, to bring a suit, by a decision of the assembly, on behalf of himself or members when all or some of the members have professional interest.

f)   To determine commercial and industrial customs in their professional fields, submit them to the Ministry for approval, and announce them. 

g)  To take professional decisions that the members are obliged to comply with.

h) To participate in domestic and overseas fairs and exhibitions.

ı)   When deemed necessary, to determine and approve the maximum price tariffs for goods and services for their members listed in article 125 of Law No. 507 on the Craftsmen and Tradesmen in conformity with the regulation that will be enacted by the Ministry.

*j)  To work for improvement of maritime commerce in accordance with public interest, national transportation and maritime commerce policy. 

*k)         To make examinations concerning national and international maritime commerce and provide information on this subject, to collect information concerning the freight, agency commissions and fees and port expenses etc. between the ports of Turkey and overseas ports and distribute them as rapidly as possible with appropriate instruments, to monitor current progress in world maritime commerce, to keep the statistics and to announce them to relevant persons.   

*l) To determine and announce the customs and applications regarding maritime commerce, to prepare the standard forms of freight agreements, bill of ladings and similar documents.

*m)        To give information to foreign ship owners, freight owners, and institutions related to maritime business concerning advantages, working types, tariffs, of the ports, and port expenses and to acquire the similar information from them.   

*n)        To become member of international organizations relating to maritime commerce and have delegates in such organizations.

*o)         To act as an arbitrator over the disputes concerning maritime commerce, if requested by the relevant persons,

*p)         To prepare service price tariffs for maritime agency and to submit them to the Ministry for approval. 

r)   To perform the duties assigned by other legislations and the duties that will be assigned by the Ministry and the Union in accordance with the relevant laws.  

s)  To keep the members’ record in accordance with the standards set out by the Union and to save the documents with regard to the membership dues and to submit them to the Union whenever it is requested.

t)   In case when the works, which are given to the ministries and other public institutions by the legislation, are given to the chambers in the framework of their establishment purpose and working fields that are stated in this Law, these chambers shall carry out these works.

u) To issue documents needed by the members and to render the services regarding those documents. 

v)  To assess the applications for the fairs organized domestically and to make an offer to the Union in that regard. 

y)  To examine the consumer’s complaints regarding their members and to do other activities in line with their establishment purposes.

z)  To issue capacity reports for industrialists by the chambers of commerce and industry, and at the provinces where the commerce and industry chambers are separated, by the chamber of industry.


(*) Among the duties of Chambers of Maritime Trade.


In addition, the chambers, within the framework of the provisions of legislation, perform other duties as follows:

a)  To establish or to participate in laboratories oriented to determine the quality of the commercial goods, to establish or participate in international calibration, testing laboratories, to render certification services,

b)  To open courses regarding commercial, maritime business and  industry, to assist the courses that have already opened, to train students in abroad or domestically for required areas and to provide trainees under the permission and supervision of the Ministry of National Education; to work on improvement and orientation of the professional and technical education and training, to issue documents related to the foregoing application of the profession branches that are not covered by the Law No. 3308 on Professional Education Law to the limits of the offices of their members,

c)  To be an arbitrator in commercial and industrial disputes and to form arbitration boards, upon the request of the relevant persons,

d)  To participate in exhibitions, fairs, public warehouses, storages, museums and libraries that are already opened or will be opened,

e)  To establish and manage industrial sites, industrial zones, organized industrial zones technology improvement zones, techno-parks, technology centers in places where the Ministry finds appropriate; to be a founder and manager or just manager of free zones, operate warehouse and to establish and operate fair areas, congress centers and commercial centers or to participate to the already established ones in the framework of Law No. 3218 on Free Zones.

Organs of the Chamber, Establishment and Duties of Organs 


The organs of the chamber are as follows:

a) Profession Committees.

b) Assembly.

c) Board of Directors.

d) Board of Discipline.


Duties of profession committees of chambers

The duties of profession committees of chambers are as follows:

a) To execute examinations regarding their professions, and to make proposals for discussion to the board of directors concerning measures that they consider beneficial and necessary for their field of activities.

b) To decide on the attendance of the chairman, the deputy chairman and the suitable members to the assembly meeting without voting about the issues on of the assembly’s agenda in connection with profession committees.

c) To research and respond to the request of information on matters regarding their professions, upon request by the assembly or the board of directors.

d) To perform all other duties conferred by relevant legislation.



Duties of assembly of chamber

The duties of the assembly of chamber are as follows:

a)  To elect members of the board of directors and of the board of discipline of the chamber.

b)  To elect delegates for the general assembly of the Union among their members.

c)  To examine and decide upon the proposals made by the board of directors.

d)  To take binding professional decisions.

e)  To determine and announce commercial and industrial customs and practices within their working fields.

f)   To review and approve monthly balances and transfer requests.

g)  To establish arbitral institutions in order to settle the disputes arisen among their members or from the agreements contracted by members in the case it is stated in the agreement, to approve the lists of arbitrators and experts to be requested by courts.

h) To grant decisions on the penalties proposed by the board of discipline for the members registered to the chamber.

ı)   To approve annual budgets and final accounts and to discharge the board of directors, to commence proceedings against those who prove to be liable.

j)   To give decisions  to sell, purchase, build, parcel, unify, gage immovable property, to borrow money, to expropriate, to build school and courses, and in accordance with the provisions of this Law to constitute corporation and foundation or become partner of already instituted corporations.

k)  To accept the internal directive of the chamber and submit it to the Union for approval.

l)   To review the objections against the decisions of the board of directors regarding the obligation of registering to the chamber or the degrees of their members and to grant final decisions on them.

m) To establish specialized commissions and consultation boards according to the professions and problems.

n) To be a member to industrial, commercial and economical institutions within Turkey and abroad and to send delegate to their congresses.

o)   To review and to decide the proposals of the board of directors, or transfer this authority to the board of directors where necessary for waiving prosecution of receivables that are impossible to be collected, or for exempting and/or re-structuring subscription fee debts and their overdue increases of their members who have deceased, ceased trading and are in difficulty to pay their subscription debts due to force majeure events occurred beyond their control such as fire, flood, earthquake and the similar natural disasters, and for suits to be brought against the chamber or its members.

p)  To grant honorary membership to persons, who have given important services to the activities of chambers or to Turkish economic life, by a decision taken by the two thirds majority of total members of the assembly.

r)         To perform other duties conferred by relevant legislation. 


Duties of the board of directors of the chamber

The duties of the board of directors of a chamber are as follows:

a)  To execute the works of chamber within the framework of the legislation and assembly decisions.

b)  To submit the budget, final account and transfer proposals and the reports thereon to the assembly of chamber.

c)  To submit the monthly account report to the assembly of the chamber for examination and approval.

d)  To give decision regarding the employment, dismissal, promotion and transfer of the chamber staff.

e)  To give decision regarding that the board of discipline may execute the inquiries and to ensure that the disciplinary and pecuniary penalties imposed in accordance with this Law are implemented.

f)   To prepare lists of arbitrator and experts and submit them to the assembly for approval.

g)  To certify the documents stated in this Law and relevant legislation.

h) To prepare and submit an annual report regarding the activity of the chamber in a year and the economic and industrial status of the chamber’s region to the assembly.

ı)   To submit the prepared internal directive of chamber to the assembly.

j)   To make all kind of examination with regard to commerce and industry, to keep the records of the indexes and statistics concerning commercial and industrial activities within in working field, to follow and to record the market prices of materials determined by the assembly and announce them with appropriate instruments. 

k)  To take decisions regarding the discipline process of chamber employees in accordance with the procedures and principles envisaged in this Law and relevant legislation.  

l)   To reward the members paying taxes, exporting and developing technology in high amounts.

m) To support and encourage social activities, to make donations and aids, to grant scholarship, to establish schools and classrooms with the approval of the assembly, provided that the equivalent exists in the budget.

n) To elect arbitrator or arbitral tribunal.

o)  To perform other duties conferred by this Law and the relevant legislation to chambers and not exclusively conferred to another organ.


Duties of the discipline board of chamber

The duties of the board of discipline of the chamber are as follows:

a) To execute disciplinary inquires against members registered to the chamber in accordance with the procedures and principles envisaged in this Law and relevant legislation.

b)  To make proposal to the assembly regarding imposing disciplinary and pecuniary penalties against members registered to the chamber.